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Awards I Bestow

Ruth Hart Jessee Strange Award

Awarded annually to people (teachers or others) whom I believe "have made a difference."

The 2009 Ruth Hart Jessee Strange Award was awarded to Mr. William Chamberlain, a fifth grade teacher in Noel, Missouri.

The 2010 Ruth Hart Jessee Strange Award was awarded to Room 10, Pt. England School and The Pt England School, Auckland, N.Z..

The Hadley Harrington Strange Award

Awarded anually to an outstanding experiential learner.

The 2009 Hadley Harrington Strange Award
was awarded jointly to Mr. Jarrod Lamshed, Year 5/6 Teacher at the Hackham East School in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia and to Mr. Joe McClung, an eighth grade teacher at Woodland Junior High School in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The 2010 Hadley Harrington Strange Award was awarded jointly to Mr. Anthony Capps, Lab Associate, EDM310 and to Jamie Lynn Miller, a former Lab Associate, EDM310.

The William Chamberlain Award

In 2010 I established The William Chamberlain Fund (an endowed trust fund) at the University of South Alabama to provide awards to EDM310 students that demonstrate an unusal ability and interest in educating using technology.

The 2010 William Chamberlain Award was awarded jointly to these EDM310 students: Anthony Capps, Jamie Lynn Miller, Jackie Gorski, Poppy Bednorz and Paula Casallo.

My Classes and Related Blogs

I am Professor of Professional Studies at The University of South Alabama. I am the lead teacher for the course (singular) that seeks to prepare aspiring teachers to be technologically literate. These blogs are central to that part of my life.
  • EDM310 Class Blog. This is my master teaching blog. EDM310 is a project based course addressing the uses of technology in learning, blogging and commenting on blogs, writing with multimedia, developing PLNs, becoming (in the words of Wendy Drexler) Networked Instructional Guides, developing skills in self-reflection as an alternative to grades, and interacting with students and teachers around the world. I designed the course. It a hybrid course with most instruction avaliable in .pdf, audio and/or video format on the internet. It is a "Green" course (no paper in and no paper out). I have undergraduate students who assist me in covering labs, managing sections, supervising podcasts and presentations, and commenting on blogs.
  • Dr. John Strange's Strange Thoughts is my blog in which I write an essay on some topic of interest to me from time to time.
  • My Professional Blog in which I reflect, on a semi-annual basis, on my professional practice as a teacher.
  • The Schools of Tomorrow and the Tech Literate Teacher which the repository of materials I use with my students to help them think about what schools and teaching may be like in the future.

My Photography and Art Collection

  • My Current Photography Exhibit
    I currently have an exhibit of 24 photographs in Alpha East on the University of South Alabama Campus. I also have approximately 30 photographs and 40 works of art on permanent display in the College of Education on the University of South Alabama Campus.

  • My Art Collection

    I have established the John H. Strange Art Collection at the University of South Alabama. To date I have given the University 400 photographs and works of art and have agreed to give an additional 300 or more works of art from my personal collection to the University.
    I have also made a major contribution or works of art to the Mobile Museum of Art.
    Contact me for more additional information about how you can visit these collections.